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We finance NYAIP policies
Finance Assigned Risk auto policies written through NYAIP (the New York Automobile Insurance Plan).  We require only 15% down and offer 10 monthly payments on personal auto policies.  For commercial auto policies, we require 20% down payment and offer 9 monthly payments.  Taxi and livery vehicles can be financed with 25% down payment and 9 monthly payments.

Arizona Premium Finance has been financing NYAIP New York Automobile Insurance Plan policies for over 26 years.  We are experts in assigned risk financing.

We make financing NYAIP policies easy and paperless.  With our financing, your agency will sell more policies and you will earn more commission.  Our down payment is lower than the New York Automobile Insurance Plan.  We offer more monthly payments than NYAIP, thus our monthly payments are lower.  This makes it more affordable to purchase a NYAIP policy with our financing.
Call 800-873-2732 x 140 for details and to signup to finance NYAIP New York Automobile Insurance Plan policies.