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This file will download the entire Program File which can be installed on the downloaded computer, other computers, or transferred to a drive.

Click on DOWNLOAD PROGRAM above, to start download

1.   save the DOWNLOADED file to your Desktop or

2.   RUN the downloaded file AS ADMINISTRATOR

The install program will guide you through the installation.

DO NOT USE the program until after you have contacted APFC and received the required Access Code. 

For a Re-Install or installing on a SECOND Computer, APFC must instruct you as to what setup numbers must be entered after you enter your Agency information.

See Important Notes Below  

For Single-Users use the default installation Options.

For Network Installations - follow the Network Installation Instructions.

View Network Installation Instructions

For Workstations connected to a Server on a Network - follow the Network Installation Instructions.


Installing the Program on More Than One Computer


If you have this program installed on multiple computers which are NOT Networked, then assign each computer a separate number.  The first computer is 0 (zero), the second computer would be 1, the third computer would be 2.  Change the Computer Number under Agency Maintenance - ONLINE.  This field is located under Standalone Operation at the bottom of the Agency Maintenance - ONLINE page.


Re-Installation of the Program


If you are RE-INSTALLING this program after already using it, then you must change the Initial Contract Number under Agency Maintenance - DEFAULTS to a number greater than what you have already used.  For example, if you previously had entered 15 quotes, the last quote number was probably 10015.  Change the Initial Contract Number to 10100 to be safe to avoid duplication of quote numbers.