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Arizona Premium Finance uses the latest in automation and computer systems to provide both the customer and the agent the best possible service.  Good service leads to strong relationships and more profitability for both the producer and the finance company.

Point of Sale Quotes Software
 Arizona premium finance has a Windows based Point of Sale program that makes premium financing easy for the agent.  This programs allows the agent to quote the financing terms, print the finance agreement, the first payment coupon and the funding draft.  APFC software allows you to deliver a professional presentation to your customer with ease.  Additional agency management features can help you organize your office, deliver a professional presentation to your customer and increase profitability.

Web Based Customer Information
You have access to all the premium finance account information, in your office.  You know exactly how much is owed by your customer and when it is due.  You can see if a payment has been received and posted to your client's account.  When used by your agency, these tools will help you better serve your customer and increase your profitability.

You can run Past Due Reports, submit customer payments by Agency Check, Customer Check or Credit Card.

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Contact us at 800-873-2732 x 140 to become an authorized agent to use this software.