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APFC Quotes Software

The APFC Quotes Software allows your agency to calculate and print the Finance Agreement, First Monthly Payment Coupon and any necessary Funding Drafts.  You can produce finance agreements for New policies, Renewals and Additional Premiums.  Customers can sign the finance agreements electronically and then your agency submits the agreements to APFC electronically.  This helps prevent errors and speeds the process of booking the finance agreement, paying the funding drafts and mailing the Monthly Payment Coupon Book to the customer.

Monthly Payments and Down Payments on Additional Premiums collected from customers can be electronically sent to APFC.

The program has a simple to use Windows interface.  All forms or reports print on plain paper except our Funding Draft.  The Drafts print on pre-printed forms which we mail to you.

The Program can be installed on individual computers or on a Network.

File Size 20 MB



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APFC Customer Account Information

Customer Accounts may be viewed through our website.  No software is necessary, only an internet connection.  In order for an Agency to view  their accounts, they must be registered to Login to our website.

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Procedures & Information

This installs APFC's Procedures & Information onto your computer for easy access.  You can access the information from your Start Menu.  After installation, you can access our Procedures and Information from the Start Menu of your Computer.  
Click  Start,  All Programs,  APFC Procedures

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