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Arizona Premium Finance Co., Inc. (APFC) offers financing of insurance policies with a low down payment and low monthly payments.  The customer is not subject to a credit check.  The only requirement for obtaining a premium finance loan is that the customer is being sold a valid insurance policy that qualifies for financing.  All personal and commercial policies qualify for financing with the exception of workers compensation policies.

The loan is made at the time the agent sells the insurance policy with the completion of a simple one page finance agreement.  The customer receives a monthly payment coupon book and mails their payment each month to APFC.  We also can accept payments by telephone with payments made by check or credit card.

Arizona Premium Finance Co., Inc. is your single source for premium financing.  We can help your customers pay their insurance premiums through financing.  Our specialty is Assigned Risk, Livery, Taxi and Commercial premiums.  But we can offer all your customers our service, from large companies with a fleet of vehicles to the first time car buyer.   We will finance Assigned Risk, Livery, Commercial, Personal Auto, Homeowners, General Liability, Excess & Surplus Lines.

We build relationships that make the agent and the general agent more profitable by using Arizona Premium Finance.  Contact us at 800-873-2732 to learn how we can help you increase your bottom line. 

The bottom line is that premium financing allows the insurance agent to sell a policy with a lower down payment and lower monthly payments.  The insurance agent remains the only agent of the insured, is the only party discussing the insurance policy or needs with the insured, and continues to sell the insured other products such as homeowners, life, or health insurance.  Many customers can only afford to purchase insurance with the help of premium financing.  If your agency does not offer premium financing then you will lose those customers who cannot afford to pay a large down payment or payment in full of a policy premium as required by an insurance company or assigned risk plan.

The amount of down payment required and the number of monthly payments offered varies from State to State.  To find out what we offer in your State, call 800-873-2732 and ask for marketing.

Arizona Premium Finance offers:

  • Flexible Low Down Payments

  • Maximum Number of Payments

  • Customer Service Oriented

  • Prompt, Honest & Knowledgeable

  • Assigned Risk Specialists

  • Nationwide Experience

  • Single Source for Premium Financing

  • Automation

  • Servicing of Vehicle Warranty Plans


Assigned Risk Specialists
We will finance assigned risk policies with a lower down payment and offer lower monthly payments to your customers.  This allows the agent to sell more policies and not loose the customer to a different agent down the street.

This is why captive agents from Allstate, State Farm, Nationwide, Met-life and others are turning to Arizona Premium Finance Co. for help in selling policies.  New credit and underwriting changes that require 50% down payment or payment of the full premium are making it impossible to sell policies through captive companies.  By moving those select customers to the assigned risk plan and offering premium financing with APFC, you can sell the policy, earn the sales commission and retain the customer.

Here is an example:  The New York Assigned Risk Plan requires 25% down payment and offers 3 payments.  APFC requires only 15% Down and offers 9 Monthly Payments.  With premium financing the initial down payment is lower and the monthly payments are substantially lower.

Selling assigned risk policies helps your agency earn more commissions by closing more sales.  The agency still remains the only insurance agent for the customer and the agency still can cross sell the customer other insurance products.  If you do not sell the customer an assigned risk policy, then the customer will go down the street to another insurance agent who will sell them the policy with premium financing by Arizona Premium Finance Co.  This gives the customer the low down payment and low monthly payments.

Nationwide Experience
APFC is presently licensed or authorized to finance premiums in twenty states and the District of Columbia: Alabama, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Indiana, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Tennessee, Washington.

Single Source for Premium Financing 
Your single source for Livery, Taxi, Commercial and Personal auto insurance premium financing.

Arizona Premium Finance uses the latest in automation and computer systems to provide both the customer and the agent the best possible service.  Good service leads to strong relationships and more profitability for both the producer and the finance company.

Point of Sale Software
Arizona premium finance has a Windows based Point of Sale program that makes premium financing easy for the agent.  This program allows the agent to quote the financing terms, print the finance agreement, the first payment coupon and the funding draft.  APFC software allows you to deliver a professional presentation to your customer with ease.  Additional agency management features can help you organize your office, deliver a professional presentation to your customer and increase profitability.

Client Retention Software
Our Client Retention Software makes you more money, plain and simple.  We provide you with the tools to increase your retention rate.  An increased retention rate means more commission to you.  You have access to all the premium finance account information, in your office.  You know exactly how much is owed by your customer and when it is due.  You can see if a payment has been received and posted to your client's account.  When used by your agency, these tools will help you better serve your customer and increase your profitability.

Servicing of Vehicle Warranty Plans
APFC will tailor a monthly payment plan to fit your vehicle warranty policy program.  Whether you offer warranties on new vehicles, used vehicles, RV, engines or after market parts, we can help you sell more warranties by offering your customers a monthly payment plan.

In order to start financing policies written by your agency, your agency must be signed up with APFC and you need to receive our New Producer Kit.  All it takes is one telephone call to 800-873-2732 and you will have a New Agent Kit in your office within 3 business days.  Do not wait until you have a customer in your office.  Get signed up as a producer today.

For information on what payment plans are available in your State,
800-873-2732 x 140 today!