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  1. Make sure your computer is connected to the Internet and that you are actually logged on to the Internet if needed.
  2. Start your APFC Quotes Software.
  3. Click on HELP at the very top of your monitor.
  4. Click on CHECK FOR UPDATES.
  5. A message will appear - Do you want to proceed? - Click YES.
  6. A Beige Box will appear with the title Check for Updates to APFC Quotes, Click on NEXT.
  7. If an update you need is found, the Beige Box will indicate an update was found.  Click NEXT.
  8. Answer any questions that display.
  9. The program will download any needed updates and then automatically install those updates onto your computer.

If no update is needed, a Message will appear - You are currently running the latest version of APFC  Quotes.  Click OK


  How to Check Which Version You Have
  You may check to see which version of the APFC Quotes Software you have installed as follows:
  1. Start your APFC Quotes Software.
  2. Click on HELP at the very top of your monitor.
  3. Click on About Quote System.

    A Grey Box appears

    Look at the Numbers next to ApplicationData and  Rate Chart.  Each has it's own number.  These are the versions you have installed.  If you do not have the current version of each, then your program needs to be updated.   View Current Version Chart

    If any of your versions are not current and the Check For Updates feature reports you are running the current version, then you must (1) uninstall the APFC Quotes Software, (2) download the latest version from our website, and (3) install the program.  Your agency data and customer data will not be lost.  Only the program application will be uninstalled.
  How to Uninstall the Program
  1. Close APFC Quotes.
  2. Bring up your Control Panel  - Click on Start, Settings, Control Panel.
    Click on ADD/REMOVE Programs.
  3. Click on APFC Quotes from the list of programs on the lower portion.
  4. Click on the ADD/REMOVE Button on the right of APFC Quotes.
  5. A message will display - Do you want to remove APFC Quotes?  Answer YES.
         (If you have more than one listing of APFC Quotes, start at the top listing and remove each line, one at a time.)
  6. Close the Control Panel.
  7. Now, Download the current version of APFC Quotes from our website and install that program.
        Link to Current Version of APFC Quotes